North Macedonia Citizenship Investment Program

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe is now accepting applications from a limited number of qualified investors, for a limited time, for its newly amended Citizenship Investment Program.

Under the law of Ministry of Internal Affairs, a foreign investor who meets the requirements referred to in Article 11, may obtain citizenship of the Republic of North Macedonia by naturalization. 

By doing so, North Macedonia is following the successful path of other similar European Citizenship Investment programs; such as those of Austria, Ireland, Cyprus, Serbia, Montenegro, Malta, … by attracting successful entrepreneurs and investors to be more involved with the advancement of host country’s expanding and progressive economy.  North Macedonia has further modified the approach to this program to be more in line with its EU policies, and to better benefit the interest of its citizens and national economic goals. 

North Macedonia Citizenship Act, under Article 11, states that the government can reward a foreign person with citizenship, in the event of extraordinary merit. This may take various forms, including economic ones; and can include capital contribution or other economic benefit brought to North Macedonia.

This Program is approved by the government; and two designated funds have been authorized by North Macedonia Security Exchange Commission (SEC), in line with Article 11:

North Macedonia Economic Development

Registered Symbol: MKED

SEC No: RPIF 2225022020NOMAEKDE7385200

Fund Management by: Economic Development dooel Skopje

Fund Management Registration No: 7385200

North Macedonia Industrial Innovation Fund

Registered Symbol: MKII

SEC No: RPIF 2325022020NOMAININ7385404

Fund Management by: Industrial Innovation dooel Skopje

Fund Management Registration No: 7385404

Through contribution of investment to either of these two officially authorized funds, the investor can qualify for Citizenship. 

Global Business Solutions DOOEL Skopje (GBS), together with the concerned governmental bodies, and appointed law firm, has been appointed to market, promote, accept, and process applications of the two designated Funds; in line with the North Macedonia Citizenship Investment Program.

It is important to note that, all processing of applications, including due diligence and approvals will be supervised and approved by the North Macedonian government agencies, and processed by accredited and appointed professional law firm(s) in North Macedonia (please click here for the list). Moreover, all investment contributions are made strictly to the official designated accounts of the two funds in North Macedonia (payments are NEVER made to third parties, or entities or firms outside North Macedonia).

The main goal for the newly modified program, which has been designed in line with North Macedonia’s EU oriented political-economical policies, is to benefit the North Macedonian economy by attracting and providing citizenship to experienced and educated investors & entrepreneurs by investing in the two nominated SEC authorized funds which in turn invest in long-term infrastructure and strategic projects in North Macedonia.

While the fund shall invest at its own discretion and exclusively in North Macedonia, the investors through their citizenship get the opportunity to start a new life and businesses in North Macedonia, further enriching North Macedonia’s diverse culture of life, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The two funds focus on long-term investments benefitting North Macedonia’s economy and society:


Do your due diligence. Partners and marketers are not allowed collect payment on behalf of the two funds.  Marketers and promoters will only market the program; they are not legal advisors nor will offer you legal advise. It is highly recommended for you to communicate with reputable licensed agents and only seek legal advise from law firms.  It is also recommended for applicants to communicate all legal matters with the appointed law firms to this program.

It is further recommended for the applicant to use the marketing services in the country where you wish to get a citizenship or submit your application. The best is for all payments to be made to our entity in North Macedonia (where all activities are fully supervised and regulated by various government organizations), and our firm in turn deals with your designated/contracted Immigration agent in your country.

Please take note that Investors MUST pay the amount of investment directly and only to the official account of the designated government authorized Funds inside North Macedonia.  The Funds do NOT have any accounts outside of North Macedonia.

Please also note, no one can purchase North Macedonia passport; it is illegal.  The only process is either by birth, naturalization (by process of marriage or parents), or economic investment contribution.

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