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  • Important Notice:

Do your due diligence. Agents, promoters, and marketers are not allowed collect payment on behalf of the two funds.  Marketers, agents, and promoters will only market the program; they are not legal advisors or will offer you legal advise. It is highly recommended for you to communicate with reputable licensed agents and only seek legal advise from law firms.  It is also recommended for applicants to communicate all legal matters with the appointed law firms to this program.

It is further recommended for applicants to use the marketing services in the region where you wish to get a citizenship or submit your application. The best is for all payments to be made to our entity in North Macedonia (where all activities are fully supervised and regulated by various government organizations), and our firm in turn deals with your designated/contracted Immigration agent in your country.

Please take note that Investors MUST pay the amount of investment directly and only to the official account of the designated government authorized Funds inside North Macedonia.  The Funds do NOT have any accounts outside of North Macedonia.

Please also note, no one can purchase North Macedonia passport, it is illegal.  The only process is either by birth, naturalization (by process of marriage or parents), or Investment.

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