About North Macedonia

What is the best thing about North Macedonia? Its kind people and friendly & hospitable culture.

What is the second best thing about North Macedonia? Its tasty fresh cuisine next to the hand-painted landscape and beautiful mountains meeting the most pure lakes.

North Macedonia, being one of the favorite tourist destinations in Europe, is bordered south with Greece, east by Bulgaria, west by Albania and north by Kosovo and Serbia.  Whether you and your family are interested in skiing, hiking and outdoors, or water sport activities, or cultural sites, North Macedonia has the best of it in its most pure form.

Formerly known as Macedonia and also Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; in 1991, Macedonia declared its independence from the Former Yugoslavia and became a UN member state in 1993.

A member of NATO and accessioned member of the European Union, North Macedonia is a fully democratic republic within the heart of Europe.

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Country North Macedonia
Capital City Skopje
Government Parliamentary Democracy
NATO Membership Yes
EU Status Accession Process since March 2020
Passport Status 125 Countries, including Schengen
Official Language(s) Macedonian, Albanian
Official Regional Language(s) Turkish, Romani, Serbian, Bosnian and English widely spoken
Secondary Education Ranked No. 12 out of 197 (UNESCO Institute of Statistics 2017)
Population 2.077 Million
Total Area 25,713 sqkm (9,928 sq mi)
Total GDP (PPP) $33.822 billion
Total GDP (Nominal) $12.383 billion
Currency Macedonian Denar MKD (fixed to the Euro currency: 1 EUR = 61.3644 MKD)
Business Ranking Top Ten (10) ease of doing business (World Bank 2019)
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