North Macedonia Business & Economy

Definitely “the place” to invest right now. The Economist Magazine, in its Leaders section of Dec. 21st, 2019 edition, named North Macedonia as one of the five nations which improved the most in 2019 and called it one of Economist’s Country of the Year. North Macedonia is ranked Top Ten according to the World Bank 2019 index of Doing Business.

Until just recently in 2018, the country could not utilize its full economic potential due to disputes with some neighbors. North Macedonia and its neighbors have now reached an agreement. With no more obstacles in the way, North Macedonia’s economy and businesses are non-stoppable, moving full speed ahead. 

Now recently a member of NATO, and full Accession membership process of EU since March 2020, North Macedonia is set to become the most attractive destination for business and investment.

With competitively low taxes, low cost of energy, highly educated & skilled task force, and stable commercial & regulation landscape, today North Macedonia has the ultimate ingredients for success.

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